Friendship day Gift ideas : Friendship day 2017

June 26, 2017

First Sunday of August, A day to celebrate the love of friendship -Friendship day. and This post is specially here to give you some cool Friendship day Gift ideas to make your best friends say special. take a look at the listed things and ideas you can use to bring a big smile on your bestie's face this friendship day.

1. Flower bokeh 

yellow rose is for friendship, and on the festival of friends it is the best idea to send a dozen Yellow rose bokeh to your best friend. i am sure he/she will love it. and specially if it is girl then you should try this as girls more like this type of gifts. you can pick some combination of flowers with  roses and also send some chocolate or what about a little cake? 

If you are in distance then this gift will be best to arrange as many shops provides packaging and delivery services. 

2. Hand made friendship cards

show some effort, make something for your friends. you can craft friendship day wishes card at home. you can watch some examples and tutorials on Youtube also. check our other post on how to make friendship day cards at home. buying from shop or mall will get you some perfect printed cards but if you make on your own it will add values and your best friend will love it even if it is not as perfect as purchased one. 

DIY cards are not hard and you can make it easily with some simple stuffs within 3 to 4 hours of work. 

3. Friendship bracelets

This is another best gift perfectly suited for this event. you can give a Friendship belt or bracelet to your best friend. generally people tie some normal kind of belts to each friends on the friendship day. you can create custom belt or purchase a bracelet from the store. it is the best way to make the day memorable. you can follow this tutorial post on how to create friendship bracelet at home

4. Soft toys

You can give soft toys to your friends or girlfriend. Mostly Girls like this type of gift and you will get it easily as it available on many gift shops and malls. you can send some chocolates with soft teddy bear or some other cartoons to your loved ones. 

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