how to make friendship bracelet : friendship day special DIY

April 08, 2017

DIY friendhip bracelet at home

The countdown started for the special day we all are waiting for. we all started planning our friendship day celebration, right? but hey did you thought about the friendship bracelet? are you thinking of buying from shop or order online? let me give you a suggestion. what if you create your own custom friendship band or bracelet for your best friend? yes, why not you make on your own. believe me, your friend will love it.
then next question that will come in your mind "how to make a friendship band at home without any expertise?" don't worry.. am here to explain and we will make friendship band step by step. just follow the steps.  it's easy!
with some candy-colored embroidery threads and floss, you will be able to whipup one of these tokens of love.

Let's make Heart Design Friendship Bracelet!

things you will need:
  • 2 different color embroidery floss you like
  • scissors 
  • clipboard

start making the bracelet by cutting 4 strands of each color, take it about 24 inches each for all the 8 strands. alternate the colors before tying a knot. please remember to leave minimum 3 inches of slack. now clip onto the clipboard for easiness.

make 2 sets of threads by separating them, 2 of each side(each color). you can see below image for exact understanding. 

perfect friendship belt at home

start with left side outmost strand and make a forward knot by creating a 4 shape over the 2nd one(here blue thread), and loop it under and back through the opening. use the clipboard to keep moves clean.

now next pull it up to the right tighten. and make this type of the same knot twice each time.

friendship bracelet for boys

continue knotting like this over each color, towards the right until the outer color has carried over to the center.

friendship bracelet for girls

so now same for the left side, pick up the outermost strand on the right side and make a backward knot, creating a reverse 4-shape over the 2nd to the last strand, loop it. here remember to make knot twice.

repeat this and you will get the pattern. continue it and you will start finding heart shape. :)

heart design friendship bracelet

take the 2nd outermost strand and make forward knots over each until reached to the middle.

mirror that all steps on other side and connect strands. make it back to normal row again to close the heart shape. make forward knots with the outer strands and connect the middle strands.

make friendship bracelet at home

friendship belt home made

friendship belt

happy friendship day

wola.. Finish it with a big knot and trim the extra ends. congrats you just made your beautiful friendship band ready to tie on best friend's wrist.

friendship day bracelet

Make your friendship day best ever this year wit a custom friendship bracelet and surprise your friends. :D

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