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March 25, 2017

" 6 August 2017 "

do you know when exactly is best friends day? we all are waiting for this date. :) and very few months remaining from the Friendship day of 2017. let's celebrate this year Happy Friendship day with colors of happiness in life.

hey, here we have something cool! a day and time counter, so you can see how much time is remaining. we already set it to 5th August night so you can get ready with Flowers and Chocolates to start the celebration of friendship.

friendship date date

History of International Friendship Day

friendship is the thing we always value as a human. we all celebrate the friendship day but how many of us know when and how this celebration is started? here the question was when is friendship day which we all know now. but things to know about this special day is when and why the whole world is celebrating the Friends day or friendship day.

it was 1958 in Paraguay the place of south America, where the first international friendship day was proposed. around 58 years ago. 
this day started for the greetings and concentrated in greeting card industry. but with the spread of internet, it becomes a big festival in some country like India, Malaysia and Bangladesh. thanks to emerging social media and the internet on that time that made it so popular. 

let me clear some confusion date of friendship day. the first friendship day was celebrated on 30 July 1958 by the "World Friendship Crusade". and in 2011, United nations declared 30the July as an official International Friendship day. but some countries like India celebrates this day on frist Sunday of August. this year in 2017 it is on 6th August. 

it was started as the promotion of greeting and well-wishing cards by the founder of Hallmark card -Joyce Hall and then turned in a trend because of internet and youngsters and this beautiful idea to honor the friendship and the role of friends in our life, it is adopted and started celebrating in many countries.

How people celebrates World Friendship day? 

On the Friendship day, people meet their friends, talk and take dinner with the group of friends. some organize a meetup or reunions to get together all the friends who they can't meet on regular days. friendship day is all about sharing of Chocolate and flowers, gifts and greetings and commitment to stay with friends forever. 

The date of Friendship day celebration may differ by Country but the feeling and holy purpose of Friendship day remain same and unconditional. 

Share this post with your lovely and most naughty friends and fill your Special day with colors of happyness !

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