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March 24, 2017

Friendship day - Celebration of Friendship

First Sunday of August 
a Special Sunday - Special day for Friends and their Friendship

about friendship day

Friendship day is the biggest celebration for Friends. celebrated all over the world. 

Starting from US, the International Friendship day is started celebrating in many countries including India also. 

So, let's talk about Friends, Friendship, and Friendship day !

a friend is the one with whom you can share all the tiny things of joy and all the up-downs of the life. 

On the day of Friendship, express the love and feeling for your best friends who are the major and most important part of our happiness. they know how to bring a smile in any situation and let you forgot any tension.

Yup ! you can do all the weird things with your bestie. we all do, right? when I am with my gang of BFF, we do lots of crazy things and who knows -that we were creating Golden memories.

Friendship is the bond between two people who can understand each other and always there for help in good or bad time. 

Friendship Day occasion celebration started from the north USA as per history and now it becomes a big festival in India. Indian people adopted the trend and forwarded it to the next. 

Your Friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you.

Exactly! there are no secrets between best friends, every thought is shared b/w them like siblings from other mom. :)

Who is your first best friend ? do you and he/she still best friends? 

We all have friends, in school, in college or on the work.  haha like the friend in school with we shared snacks and exchange launch boxes or in college who always ready to give you assignments to copy :P  yup, I also have that special bestie in my college time, who help me complete my notes. ( yaa yaaa.. I copy notes from her ...  :D ) 

friends are god gifts

What's your story? send us a short-n-sweet friendship story and we will publish it on our friendship wall with you and your friend's pics and names on cards. for details click here.

Wish you a happy Friendship day!

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